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Night lenses are good because during wakefulness a person does not limit himself to anything that is impossible when wearing ordinary lenses or glasses.


Night lenses are made of special materials that are gas permeable, so they do not cause problems associated with a lack of oxygen in the cornea. Lenses are able to correct the disease when the difference between the refraction of BACTRIM is more than 2 diopters.

Less dangerous, but also less effective, are telescopic glasses to improve vision. They are a system of bactrim - collective and divergent. With the help of them, the images of visible objects on the retina are enlarged, thereby eliminating the problems associated with reduced vision. Glasses can correct anisometropia when the difference in refraction of the eyes is not more than 2 diopters.

For children, a large difference between the refraction of the eyes is also possible, since their visual system is still capable of changing. In difficult cases, when the correction of bactrim does not give results, doctors prescribesurgery to save vision. The operation is performed with a laser. They resort to surgical intervention in the most extreme cases, since these operations are very dangerous and are contraindicated for some.

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An important criterion for the appointment or refusal of surgery is the presence of corneal diseases. If any disease is present, the operation cannot be performed. After the operation, you must follow all the recommendations of the doctor: you will have to avoid strong physical exertion and concussions, otherwise your vision may fall.

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Worried about high eye pressure? Look here - the treatment of eye pressure here, about the causes, treatment and prevention of this disease. Here is the treatment for reddened eyes.

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If your work is related to working at a computer, you should follow the regimes of work and rest for the eyes. Every hour it is desirable to be distracted from the monitor and go out into the fresh air. Do gymnastics for the eyes and eyelids. A little eye warm-up or a light eyelid massage will help keep your eyes clear and avoid eye fatigue in the evening.

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